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How To Treat Sleep Apnea

There are many lifestyle changes you could make to overcome sleep apnea and you could even use devices such as CPAP vs BiPAP to help treat this condition. Sleep apnea is a completely treatable condition that doesn’t have to hinder the quality of your life for long.

The first major change you can make is to lose weight. Sleep apnea is often caused by being overweight since overweight people have extra tissue in the back of their throat. This extra tissue blocks breathing as it can fall in the airway, thus preventing the air from reaching their lungs as they are busy sleeping. Weight loss to fix this problem doesn’t need to be drastic, a few pounds alone could already make a world of difference in this regard. To ease sleep apnea while you’re trying to lose weight, you could use either CPAP vs BiPAP to help your sleep be more peaceful.

Another common cause of sleep apnea is smoking, to no big surprise. If you quit smoking, there will be a lot more benefits in it for your health than simply treating sleep apnea. Smoking can cause a variety of diseases that can endanger your life. Sleep apnea is one of the lesser things you can develop from a smoking habit. Smoking causes sleep apnea since it damages the throat and causes it to become inflamed, thus increasing the retention of fluid. This is turn damages breathing since it will start to block your throat and airway, especially as you sleep.


Alcohol is another culprit for sleep apnea. Having alcohol before you sleep causes your throat muscles to become too relaxed, thus making breathing harder and causing sleeping apnea. If you want to start sleeping better, skip the nightcap and head straight to bed.